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Generator Rental – Massachusetts

Generator Rental Massachusetts

Generator Rental Massachusetts

Generators can be used for various industries, thats why it’s important to know of a trustworthy company that has generator rental in Massachusetts. From hospitals to construction sites, many businesses rely on generators for backup, standby, or permanent power. If you need a generator for your jobsite, you can either buy a generator or opt for generator rental in Massachusetts. While having your own generator has its benefits, choosing generator rental in Massachusetts has more advantages.

Benefits of Choosing Generator Rental in Massachusetts

Less Repairs and Downtime: If you choose to buy a generator instead of opting for generator rental in MA, you will be in charge of your generator’s upkeep. You will cover the costs of spare parts and services of your workforce. This will not be an issue when you rent generators. Massachusetts residents who choose to rent generators instead of purchasing them will get the best deal in terms of well-maintained machines. Companies that offer generator rental in MA, will continually and routinely maintain their generators to ensure that they are delivering top-notch generators to their customers.

Sometimes, companies that offer generator rental in Massachusetts include service and support from factory-trained technicians. Through generator rental in MA, you will be sure that your generator is installed properly and can handle the load you need.

Cost-Effectiveness – Generator Rental Massachusetts: Generator rental in MA is often cheaper than buying a new one. If you only need the generator for a short-term project or event, going for generator rental in MA is more cost-effective. Additionally, when you choose generator rental in MA, you will not have to spend money on the maintenance, storage, and transport of your generator.

Flexibility in Time and Need – Generator Rental Massachusetts: When you need to perform seasonal, temporary, or specialized work on your jobsite, generator rental in MA, can be your best bet. Through generator rental in MA, you can rent generators that meet the specifications needed for your particular project.

Changes in the market may also cause you to opt for generator rental. In Massachusetts, new business opportunities can emerge quickly. Since not all generators are a good match for every kind of job, opting for generator rental in Massachusetts can help you adjust to the changes in your surroundings. If one generator is not working for your project, you can switch to a new generator type. Ensure that your power generation always matches the demand by choosing generator rental in MA.

Appropriate Warranty and Insurance Coverage – Generator Rental Massachusetts: When you choose generator rental in MA, you will never have to pay for the insurance or warranty of the generator you are using. Generator rental in Massachusetts comes with insurance coverage that will protect your operations in case of an emergency. Choosing generator rental in MA can also save you from doing loads of paperwork since you will not need to file additional documentation to increase your site’s insurance.

Quick Response to Disasters – Generator Rental Massachusetts: From work-related glitches to natural disasters, a lot can go wrong at a jobsite. Perhaps, a worker accidentally caused your generator to malfunction, or fire took out your only existing power source. When you experience any of these power malfunctions, go for generator rental in MA. It can immediately rectify your business operation and power supply problems.

Generator rental in MA, can be a great disaster response tool. If your main generator is not working for whatever reason, you can rely on generator rental in MA and maintain your needed power distribution. Generator rental in MA is the best way to ensure that your operations can keep going, even during times of crises.

Since you have learned about the many benefits of generator rental in MA, it is time to take the next step: Finding a reputable company that offers generator rentals. Massachusetts residents who need to rent top-of-the-line heavy generators reach out to MasterRents. When it comes to providing first-rate generator rental in MA, no one is better than us. Read the following article to learn more about the importance of having a back-up generator”

About MasterRents – Generator Rental Massachusetts

MasterRents, a rental company based in Danvers, MA, offers heavy generators rental for various applications—construction, digging, mining, excavation, emergency needs and more. No matter the project, we have the heavy machinery for rent or sale at reasonable prices. What’s more, we service free shipping on most generators for sale.

Our company provides you with a wide selection of heavy power machinery from leading manufacturers, such as CAT, Volvo, and Komatsu to name a few. As a member of the CAT Rental Alliance Program, our company has an access to a wide variety of Caterpillar equipment. You can be confident that these tools and generators are designed for your specific needs even if an emergency occurs.

Equipment Rental – Generator Rental Massachusetts

At MasterRents, you may select from our wide range of equipment, such as dozers, forklifts, or excavators. You may rent our heavy generators on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your project’s needs.

We service both short-term and long-term lease for our machinery. Here are some of our equipment available for rent:

  • Air Compressor
  • Backhoe
  • Boom Lifts
  • Compactors
  • Dewater Devices
  • Dozers
  • Excavators
  • Excavator Attachment
  • Forklifts
  • Light Towers
  • Power Sources
  • Roto Telehandlers
  • Saws
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Skid Steers
  • Skid Steer Attachment
  • Water Transports
  • Wheel Loaders

Equipment Sales – Generator Rental Massachusetts

Aside from our rental services, we also sell used heavy equipment from leading manufacturers. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we work hard to keep our equipment in its best condition. Here are some of our equipment for sale:

  • Dozers
  • Excavators
  • Skid Steers
  • Wheel Loaders

Why Choose MasterRents – Generator Rental Massachusetts

If you have an upcoming project and you do not want to buy generators, renting out heavy machinery will be your best option. Here are some reasons why you should choose MasterRents for your heavy generators:

Select From a Growing Number of Equipment: Durable and heavy-duty generators will help you execute your project well. At MasterRents, we do not settle for whatever heavy machinery we have in our inventory. We keep on adding new equipment to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs. Expect our inventory to continue to grow in the coming years. Our equipment goes through routine and preventive repairs to keep it running at an optimum level.

Get Expert Advice: Every construction, maintenance, or digging project is different. Various sets of heavy equipment are used to get the job done. With the help of our expert team, you can receive sound advice on the best equipment to use. Trust that we will help you succeed in your next project. We have been in the business for many years, so we understand the needs of our customers.

Enjoy Good Customer Service: We understand the unique needs of our customers. Our team goes beyond just renting out heavy equipment. We value every customer who contacts us. Your needs and satisfaction are important to us. For years, we have been helping homeowners, contractors, and businessmen cut down costs and increase productivity. Discuss your upcoming project with our team, and we will recommend the best equipment suited to your needs.

Contact MasterRents for Generator Rental in Massachusetts

Looking for heavy equipment? Let MasterRents provide you with your heavy machinery needs. To rent machinery such as backhoes, dozers, forklifts, or excavators, you may contact us at 978-762-RENT (7368) or email us at We are here to serve all of your heavy machinery needs.

Whether you need heavy equipment for digging, excavation, or construction activities, you may contact our experienced salesman Al Garber and the rest of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Garber has more than two decades of experience in the rental business.

For heavy generator rental, you may also reach him through his mobile phone at 978-880-2727, or send questions through his email at We are more than happy to serve you. You may also visit our website.