Portable Water Tank


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Tank Size: 45” x 39” x 48”

Tank Size w/ Pump: 67” x 39” x 48”

Tank Capacity: 300 Gallon (Plastic Tank)

Tank Weight: about 60lbs

Galvanized Steel cage with steel bottom

Can be picked up by forklift by ALL 4 sides

2 inch suction from tank w/screen

(3) fully adjustable spray heads for Left, Right & Center dust control

(1) ¾ garden hose discharge

(1) 1½ quick connect discharge

Flowtech Pump w/ 5.5hp Gas Motor

Fuel Consumption is about 5 gallons per hour under full load

35lb Pump (no fuel necessary)

141 GPM @ 20 PSL

50 GPM @ 50 PSI

Pump is Adjustable to 58 PSI (Max)

Easy Assembly for Pump & Motor, can be easily removed and installed on tank for maximum versatility.

This Dust Control Unit is built to suit any options:

AVX suction for self filling

Discharge is up to 2”

Multiple discharges

Extra Spray Heads


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